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Welcome to Vorbex, where the world of financial opportunities meets your fingertips. Empowering traders, and novices to experts, we offer a dynamic platform tailored to your needs. Explore a wealth of markets, from stocks to cryptocurrencies, with cutting-edge tools and real-time insights at your disposal.. With one broker at your side, a myriad of trading opportunities unfolds. Dive into a world where diverse markets converge, offering endless possibilities for those seeking financial growth. From stocks and currencies to commodities and cryptocurrencies, our platform opens doors to a wealth of trading options. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, discover a seamless experience designed to amplify your trading potential.

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Priya umapathi

Initially, I had a little doubt regarding its deposit and withdrawal timeline. But after using it for two and half months and constantly earning, I have regained my trust in Vorbex. Thank you for giving such a beautiful platform

Dileep Krishnamurthy

I like the fact that Vorbex is a trusted broker and can be recommended. They verify you as soon as you meet their requirements, no secret. You see your money in your account few minutes as soon as you initiate a withdrawal. In fact I love broker this. They are too sincere. Infact I'll have introduced my wife ASAP. Cheers Vorbex

Bhargav Bhagawati

Pros: 1. They offer low spread Cons: 1. They don't offer raw spread account choice 2. Their US dollar rate for withdrawal lower than the rate for deposit. So you lose some money when you withdraw your money from your account. I have tried other brokers, their US dollar rate are always consistent and follow the actual USD rate. 3. Had problem with demo account. For some reason, I can not use it on MT5.

Donatus maurice

An honest and sincere review, based on my 3-year experience. There are a lot of reviews here and I wanted to share mine review on Vorbex based on my multiple experiences. Withdrawals - They are fast, crypto, it will take 30 minutes to 1 hour, as long as you use the same method of deposit, for the bank, processing on their end is 4-8 hours, but the receiving bank may take 1-2 business days. (excluding weekends) Deposits - no misses, all good 100% of deposits posted Customer support - 100% helpful, and they resolve issues 99% of the time, if not on their end, they always ensure that they escalate it. Bonuses - It is being credited automatically as long as you meet the requirements 100% I can guarantee you. IB rebates - (poor) They just removed your payout or rebates whenever they feel like your trading is suspicious, (I suggest, let's us not judge our traders, it would be best if you provide a first warning and provide details of the violation instead of removing rebates) Auto-chartist analysis, with only 70% accuracy, needs some more improvements. Overall, I can recommend this broker, 100% trusted, in fact, i have deposited more than 15k$ with this broker and took it in a day due to emergency reasons, and they accommodated it as long as you explain your side/reasons. They also process refunds, if your account cannot be verified, THEY DO NOT STEAL your money. My hats off to this broker,... Trust me guys, swear to God, I write my reviews in an honest and deserving broker. (Verified Review Status member here)

shruthi jana

I'm truly impressed for the first time in my life trading with Vorbex and it's mind blowing how incredibly the gold trading is fantastic 🚀 Vorbex is the best 💯✅

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