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We are boobydoo, the sports bra experts. We provide women with the support they need to tackle their exercise goals without having to worry about their boobs. When a woman exercises, her boobs move a lot. In fact, they can move up to 14cm! At boobydoo we strive for the no bounce policy, to keep boobs comfortable, happy and secure when we work out. Exercise-induced breast discomfort is a serious health issue, as it can act as a barrier to participating in physical activity, depriving women of the associated health benefits of being physically active. Sports bras are proven to reduce bounce by up to 83%, and yet 41% of women still don’t wear a sports bra to exercise, and 80% are wearing the wrong size bra to start with. We are here to change these statistics and provide women with the education and choice they need to give their boobs some real support. Over the past fifteen years we have curated the widest range of sizes and styles of sports bras in the world and a website that caters for bra sizes 28-54 band, A-K cup. Our Mission Our mission is to find the perfect fitting sports bra for every active woman, no matter her size or the activity she is taking part in. Our Vision We are the world’s leading authority on sports bras, providing fitting advice, education, and support to all. We will break down barriers to exercise that are associated with breast movement and health. We will support education and charitable programs, with the goal to change the statistics: 41% of women do not wear a sports bra to exercise, and 80% are wearing the wrong size bra. Our Values Our Values We are committed to supporting our community. Since boobydoo opened its doors, we have helped over 100,000 women find the perfect fit. Customers can Shop by Activity, by Brand or by Category, making it easy to find the right Sports Bra for every woman, with fitting experts on hand over live chat and the phone. Our efforts are equally focused on being a positive and encouraging influence, sharing in our community’s successes, trials and tribulations, helping be an emotional support as well as literal! Education Our goal is to see all women and girls able to participate in a healthy and active lifestyle. The more knowledge women have about their breasts and how they can support them, the more likely it is they stay active throughout school and adulthood. We commit to providing regular fitting events to the public and groups, and make sports bra education accessible across our website and social platforms. Range Our team is dedicated to finding the best sports bras in the world and making them available on our website. Each of the bras we stock has been tested internally by our team, to ensure it delivers on its promises. We strive for the no-bounce policy and are always searching for sports bras that support more sizes or have unique technologies to improve performance for a particular activity. We are committed to offering these sports bras at a fair price, that is in line with the market value and is a true reflection of the quality of the product. Opportunities & Careers If we sound like your cup of tea, then get in touch! We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with like minded people and businesses. Please email [email protected] Fancy joining the team? For our list of current vacancies, please visit our Careers page.

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