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___________________________________ FLAT-SCREEN TV REPAIR SERVICES CALL NOW FOR PROMPT ASSISTANCE YOUR TRUSTED TV SHOP At our TV shop, we prioritize your satisfaction while making a positive impact. We strive to contribute to numerous charities and actively promote eco-friendly practices, aiming to protect and preserve the environment. By choosing our services, you not only receive top-notch repairs but also join us in achieving our donation goals and embracing a greener future. _______________________________________  Welcome to our family-owned business, serving our valued clients since 1985. We pride ourselves on understanding your unique goals and delivering exceptional quality in every job we undertake. Our secret to achieving great results lies in having the perfect Technician for the task. Our skilled technician possesses a winning combination of intelligence, specialized skills, extensive education, hands-on experience, a genuine passion for learning, and remarkable interpersonal abilities. With this winning blend, we ensure that your needs are met with utmost care and professionalism. At our family business, we treat every client like a member of our own family, guaranteeing personalized attention and a warm, inviting atmosphere. We are committed to creating a delightful experience for you and providing the highest level of service.  Specializing in Big Screen HDTV and In-Home Repairs When it comes to your valuable TV investment, entrust the repair work to the experts. Attempting a DIY fix can inadvertently escalate the repair costs by introducing additional problems. Make a prudent decision by contacting our team of highly skilled Electronic Technician specialists in Audio-Visual Electronics. Our comprehensive in-home full-service package includes: Thorough troubleshooting and accurate estimates Expert handling of moving damage concerns Diligent inspections and detailed report writing for insurance claims Convenient pick-up and delivery options A steadfast Satisfaction Guarantee Fully licensed and insured operations Rest assured that our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to address the complexities of Big Screen HDTVs. With our professional services, your TV will be in the hands of seasoned professionals who are dedicated to delivering optimal results. Contact us today for an unparalleled repair experience. Call: (571) 572 1974

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